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March 19 2015

What Is Urban Wear?

Urban wear seems to have interchangeable names such street wear, or hiphop wear. It is the current in vogue and is supposed to replicate who you are on the street.

Urban Wear is generally associated to:-
Trainers - These come in a range of styles and types, all depending on the person putting them on and of course there budget!
Hoodies - Hooded sweatshirts that are either zipped or pulled over the head. These again comes in a range of both colors and material whether it is lightweight or heavyweight material. The hoods can be worn over a cap on hanging down. Fashionable
Hats - Baseball caps and beanie caps.

Most people will be surprised to find out that the Urban wear scene actually got its roots from skateboarders. Due to the nature of skaters, they require clothes that are loose fitting and durable, while also say slightly about who they are. These ranged in style from slip on shoes, and designer wallets for the hooded sweatshirts and caps we view in todays fashion. The garments would often have a brandname design on emblem.

The Urban wear actually took of using the skateboarding legends actually featuring there design on there skateboard in there clothes as well. A brilliant piece of branding and marketing made people recognize that if they want to show who these folks were they needed clothes that reflected both there environment there attitude.

The Rap industry also became predominant of the idea of clothing, plus the music you hear, saying who you are, along with big Hip Hop artists including the Wu-tang clan releasing there own clothing range, it had not been long before urban wear or hip hop wear becoming the leading clothing items for fans. Out went the tracksuits and in came the jeans, Hoodies and fitted caps.

Rap wear isn't just about the clothes. It's about the way you wear them. Fitted caps may be either pulled over the eyes or rested over the head. Hoodies and sweatshirts, feature either graffiti images or some form of design that states just who the person is as well as the environment they live in. Urban Wear
With the huge influx of urban wear clothing, i suggest you shop around and find the ideal style to suit the picture you want to portray. However watch out for cheap imports!. With the increase of popularity of Urban wear, there is an increase of fake or imitation items.

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